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Macro Premix

Macro Premix is a composite feed additive made up of a comprehensive range of top quality feed additives. It comprises of DSM Layer Premix, DSM Methionine, CJ L-Lysine, DSM Carotenoids, BIOMIN Biotronic Top 3, BIOMIN Mycofix Select, MARIDAV Multi-Enzyme Blend and TIMAB Dicalcium Phosphate. Macro Premix gives amazing benefits which include growth promotion, boost in layer productivity, increase in egg size and numbers, increase in digestibility, improvement in litter quality, elimination of mycotoxins and toxin related effects. Macro Premix makes feed preparation less complicated and reduces errors in the preparation process. It is an all-inclusive Premix, competitively priced and creates convenience for the Poultry farmer and Feed Miller.
Improve Feed Efficiency: Achieving optimal production and health of birds throughout the life cycle.
Strict Gut Health Management: Essential foundation for high performance and profitability in poultry production.
Effective Worm Control: Building the foundation for performance and profitability.