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Poultry Seminar, May 2016, Takoradi, Western Region.

The Seminar was organized for members of the Takoradi Poultry Farmers Association on the 11th of May 2016. Sixty (60) farmers were present at the seminar.

  • Necessary preventive and control measures from diseases of great economic importance in Poultry.
  • Benefits of good nutrition for poultry.
  • Importance of good husbandry practices on the farm.
  • Rewards of good record keeping.
  • Build a personal relationship with the farmers and address some of their basic challenges.

1st Presentation: Good Management Practices in Poultry by Rose Osei Appiah (Marketing Officer). She talked about keeping the birds in good health condition, the necessary preventive and control measures of poultry diseases. She also elaborated on the benefits of good nutrition for poultry, the importance of good husbandry practices on the farm and finally, how economical it is to prevent diseases than curing them.

2nd Presentation: Chronic Respiratory Disease (CRD) in Poultry by Paul Adjei Antwi (Technical Sales Officer). CRD is one of the most common respiratory diseases of poultry, Mr. Adjei spoke on the causative organism of the disease, mode of transmission, signs and symptoms, preventive measures, treatment and its economic implications on the farmer.

3rd Presentation: Parasitology (Control of Internal and External Parasites in Poultry) by Livingstone Agbee Kpogo (Technical Sales Officer). He defined internal parasites (example: worms etc.) and external parasites (example: ticks, lice, mites etc.). He threw more light on the various types of worms with different sites of infection within the host. Also, he spoke on the mode of disease transmission, signs and symptoms, preventive measures and treatment of diseases they cause with Maridav Products like Levasol and Promectine Oral.

Some participants at the seminar. Presentations were made on Good Poultry Management Practices, Chronic Respiratory Disease (CRD) and Parasitology by our Technical Sales Officers.
Mr. Tony Mensah, an experienced farmer of the Takoradi Poultry Farmers Association making some contributions at the seminar.
Staff of Maridav Ghana Limited with some of the members of the Takoradi Poultry Farmers Association after the program.
Staff of Maridav Ghana Limited with Madam Irene, shop owner of Rehoboth Farm drugs and one of the distributors of our products.

The Seminar was a successful one, it was very interactive and the participants were really involved. After every presentation, there was a discussion (questioning and answering). The participants were refreshed during and after the program. There were giveaways; such as the Maridav Brochure which contains all our products, their active ingredients, what they are used for and how they are used. Also, it contains a typical vaccination program for poultry and our key distributors in the Northern sector and Southern Sector. Maridav T-Shirts were also given out.